Black and White Photography — What's the point?

So why?


There are no distractions, no warm or cool tones, no bright blue eyes, no candy apple red sports cars. Only a collection of lines, squiggles, circles and shades of grey. So why is this a good platform to work with?


There are plenty of photographers and photo-hobbyists who are old enough to live from a black and white era through to the technicolour and digital day that is today. For them, black and white could be a connection to their childhood or adolescent years. However, for the rest of us millennials and Gen Z’ers, we mainly use it for the ‘vintage aesthetic’ it provides. Pair a good black and white roll of film with an Urban Outfitters record player, playing Rumours by Fleetwood Mac, and you’ve achieved the 2021 ‘vintage hipster’ title that so many of us crave.



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Jack Soloman

Jack Soloman

Probably writing about photography, living the analogue life. Come have a gander! Hanoi based.